There is only one day left until #BSidesBUD2022 and we would like to provide some important information for you regarding the conference.

Please arrive on time! The conference starts at 09:00, but you’ll have to register on the spot in order to get your armband, so we recommend you to show up around 08:00-08:30. It’s more comfortable if you can take your seat relaxed and don’t have to rush, isn’t it?

Lurdy Konferencia- és Rendezvényközpont – 1st floor of Lurdy Ház
Könyves Kálmán blvd. 12-14.
1097 Budapest, Hungary
COODS: (47.470003, 19.084291)

If you come to the conference by car, you can use the outdoor parking lot behind Lurdy Ház. Normally you have to pay for parking, but if you tell us after registration that you need a parking ticket, we’ll provide you one and you can leave the parking lot without paying.

Registration at the venue
Please don’t forget to print out the tickets you received OR bring the barcode of the ticket on your mobile phone, so we can check you in. If you do not have a ticket, don’t worry, you can still buy one at the venue, paying by credit card.

Lunch break
As #BSidesBUD2022 is a low-cost conference, unfortunately, we don’t have a budget to provide you with lunch. During the 45 minutes long lunch break you can have some food at Lurdy’s restaurants next to the Conference Center.

Workshop sessions
If you’ve registered for a workshop it would be great if you could bring an extension wire/hub. There will be some in the workshop room, but we would appreciate it if you could help us by bringing your own. Please don’t forget to check the system requirements of each workshop you’ve signed up for!

At the venue of #BSidesBUD2022 there will be a place called HackCenter which is going to be the heaven for hackers who want to solve some exciting challenges, share their thoughts with each other, look for a solution to a specified problem, or just have questions in a certain topic.

We hope that you’ll have a great time and #BSidesBUD2022 will be a great experience for you again!

See you all tomorrow!
BSidesBUD Crew

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