Szilárd Pfeiffer

Short biography:

Szilárd graduated from the University of Óbuda with a degree in electrical engineering. He gained 15+ years of experience in the development of network security products in C/C++ and Python languages. During these years the developments have been made in a Linux environment using free software. As committed to free culture and content, network and data security he is a regular speaker at conferences and trainings and regularly publishes articles on these topics. With many years of development leadership behind him, he is a believer in agility. He currently works as a security engineer and evangelist at Balasys IT Security. Its primary responsibilities include expert participation in R&D projects and IT security evangelism. In his spare time, he develops a command line tool and Python library for checking cryptographic (TLS/SSL/SSH) settings of client/server applications, of course under a free software license.